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IT students

Starting with Junior Developer

CareerVision is a good environment for the intern or freshman to join, you will receive the necessary support, skills and practical experience from customer projects, starting with backend functions. Basic to complex systems.

Learning opportunities and skill development

Backend Developer

Developer selection program is for students who have just graduated, each period for 3 months. In the course of working, you will be taught the basic tasks of a BE Dev to do, in addition, you will also be trained by the Leader of Laravel F charms, PHP, MySQL, how to write Web Service and some CMS. common ... Professional training process will help you equip the important skills of a BE Dev to assume the role of senior BE Dev in the future.

Join team backend Developer

When you have enough knowledge, you can choose the next path to join the BE Dev team. You will be working on key corporate projects and acting as a regular BE Dev. The BE Dev team is a heart of Career Vision, you will gain valuable knowledge from the real environment. With the indispensable skills of BE Dev with enthusiastic support from colleagues and all led by excellent leaders will bring you a great experience. See the link below for more details.