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Professional Interview Coaching Service (10-2-2011)
The most qualified person doesn't always get the position; it's the person who interviews the best. And what makes a person "qualified" may surprise you! It's more than your skills and experience.

Why Use Professional Interview Coaching Service?
On average, there's likely to be at least 5 other candidates being interviewed for the same vacancy. So, everything seems to be equal that gives you a 20% chance of getting the job. But there's so much you can do to improve your success. Professional Interview Coaching Service helps you take advantage of your strengths to perform at your best, make your personal image impact including dress and body language, dealing with challenging questions, asking great questions for using them to your advantage.

Why Choose CareerVision's Interview Coaching service?
Let CareerVision's team of interview coaches help you:

- Improve your interviewing skills:
• Improve body language, communication style and voice intonation.
• Improve self-confidence, self-belief and overcoming nerves.

- Participate in a 15-minute mock interview:
• Understand the employer, yourself, your CV and unique selling points.
• Handle difficult interview questions, structure your answers.

- Receive your documents within 24 hours:
• List of our interview preparation questionnaire.
• A VCD record your mock interview and brief feedback session to summarize your overall performance.

How to Order your Interview Coaching Services?
Fees and Services

Our fees for Interview Coaching Service fluctuate from $10 - $120 depending on your level of requirement.


What all you need to do is just to contact us via We will contact you for further details and once service has been selected, a consultation time will be confirmed. All the materials will be completed in 24 hours after the Coaching session.

Ways of ordering - order online/order by email.

Payment Method
Please make full payment when ordering the service required by transferring to our banking account (will be provided after receiving your order).

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